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Lincoln Forum: 2018 Navigator MSRP Shock
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    mark95man is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2014 Navigator & MKZ Hybrid, 07 TC Designer, 96 TC, 79 MARK V Cartier, 75+ 69-71 Lincoln MARK IIIs
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    2018 Navigator MSRP Shock

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    When I saw that $100,000 Ford F-150, I checked out the price of a 2018 Navigator on Lincoln's website. I was thinking of a new Navigator. There are many things I do not like about it--mainly the V-6 EcoBoost. I priced out a 2018 to match my 2014 equipment--I stopped when I reached $90,000+ as I could have hit that $100,000 mark. Just the cost of the HD Cooling/towing option was several times the 2014 cost. Yes, there are more features but the cost is too high. If I wanted a 2018 doing a trade in, I would have to add $62,000 which was the cost of my 2014 w/o tax. Long story short, I'll keep my 2014 as I watch what happens in sales. In the long run, repairs & maintenance should be covered by the saved 2018 sales tax alone! $5,200 + higher AZ registration ($1,000+) should cover any repairs I can't do!

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    driller is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2016 Navigator, 2006 Designer Series Town Car, '98-'96-'93 Mark VIII's
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    I haven't seen it in person yet but it makes me feel like I got my new 2016 for half price.

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    Gold help me, I ordered a reserve L mid eighties with x plan with technology package. Told not to expect it until Feb at least.
    Most money hands down ever spent on a vehicle. I pray its all it seems to be.

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    From the early reviews, that money your spending is worth its weight in value. Theres no luxury suv on the market with the same content and power for the same, so you wouldnt even be able to get another vehicle in it's class if the navi was too much. Well except an expy of course. Some might see it as a downgrade, but the new expy interior is worlds better in terms of quality, capability, and versatility than my 09 nav.


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