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Lincoln Forum: MKT door code
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Thread: MKT door code

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    Lightbulb MKT door code

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    Hello, I just bought my first MKT 2014 from private seller, only problem is I only got one key fob and No door code. The factory card and manual is not in car and seller don't have it. Went to Lincoln dealer today and they want to charge $130 to get me the factory door code. I seen videos for other lincoln models showing the code under the dash by fuse box. I looked on this mkt and no luck. Anyone here knows if 2014 MKT got the code printed on somewhere else? Please let me know.

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    My '11 has no code set; I just run my finger along the # pad and it opens---assuming I have the fob in my pocket.
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    Leandro, you will have to wait for a warranty issue to come up so the dealership can find the code for you. They will charge you for that one item. But if there is a warranty issue, they have to connect your car to the computer anyway so they can do that for free. They will make money on the main warranty concern.


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