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Thread: 2012 mks

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    2012 mks

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    Just purchased an AWD 2012 MKS. 54K miles. Noticed that the airbag light within the instrument cluster keeps coming on and staying on. Any remedies come to mind to try before I take to dealer? Fearing that this might be costly. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I am not familiar with your instrument cluster, but there are usually 2 airbag lights: one for the entire system and one for the passenger seat airbag. You probably need a diagnosis for the full system, but the passenger side warning light will come on when there is no one in the passenger seat (or a "person" too light to trigger the system). There should be some wording around the front passenger seat disabled light to indicate that a passenger is not in the seat. With a normal sized passenger the light will go out, depending on model.

    Good luck.


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