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Lincoln Forum: MAF sensor? 2001 Town Car
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    MAF sensor? 2001 Town Car

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    MAF sensor? 2001 Town Car
    I'm getting a "howling" noise from MAF housing when idling or when decelerating. I can feel the vibration on the MAF housing when it is acting up. Air cleaner just replaced, still howls and surges when idling, give it a little gas and it smoothes out. I've read it can be cleaned with MAF cleaner, also read that it should not be cleaned. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I have never heard of the MAF making a howling noise, it is just an opening with a wire mesh screen that is electically charged (heated) to sense the air flow through it by temperature drop. Problems are often caused by K&N filter types with an oil film that deposits on the wires and takes away their sensitivity. Replacement is usually the better and safer approach although people do clean them.

    A hooting noise is often from the IAC (Idle Air Control) especially if not a Motorcraft version and that fits your other drive-ability issues; or the throttle body cover. Since the air cleaner was recently replaced is the cover in place properly?

    Good luck.


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