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Lincoln Forum: Voice Guidance on naviagtion stopped working
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    stevecaz is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2007 Lincoln MKX
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    Voice Guidance on naviagtion stopped working

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    Hello Everyone,

    I replaced my battery in my 2007 MKX, and now the voice guidance on my navigation is not working (silent, but the map displayed is correct). O checked Menu>Feedback and its on. I read on a posting on another site to reorientate the navigation system, but dud not indicate how. Haas this happen to anyone and how do I fix it. I called the dealership and they did not know (??), and told me to bring it in the be checked.


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    Couple of ideas, first the voice may have turned itself down. Try turned up the volume when the voice is speaking (or when you think it's speaking).
    Second, try rebooting the radio, pull the for a minute or so, then plug it back in.
    Lastly, the reinitialization of the system. This is done through the on-screen menus.


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