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Lincoln Forum: Looking to Purchase First Town Car and Seeking Advice
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    Quote Originally Posted by wimpy View Post
    Finding a very low mileage LTC will be very hard. I would try to find an L version (long). The 6" of extra length improves the ride & gets you an additional 4 or 5 hp as well.
    The low-milers are out there but they're priced accordingly - still in the $12,000 and higher range. And although the LWB model can also be found, the tend to be beaten down livery vehicles. And let's be honest - if you aren't going to use it for livery, it's really a waste. Livery vehicles generally see 1-2 passengers at best for most trips and when you move the front passenger seat all the way forward, you've provided all the space a back seat passenger would require.

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    OP, what is your location? If you're near Utah, there's a few lower mileage examples here...
    This last one is in Nevada...

    Quote Originally Posted by Town View Post
    The 2006 and up also have the digital speedometer. So you get all 3 at the same time, how great is that. I think the 2006 and up have the best dash, a driver's dash. The 2017 Continental is good too, but not as good as my 2007 Town Car.
    I did not know that. There you go learning me something new today.


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