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Lincoln Forum: 2013 Lincoln MKS Audio issues-solved?
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    Red face 2013 Lincoln MKS Audio issues-solved?

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    I have a thx certified audio system. I didn't drive the car for 3 months because I was so pissed that my front speakers would stop working, and only occasionally actually work! I took it in for service, and they reflashed the sync (to the tune of $100), drove car home, and problem starts again as I pull up to the driveway. There wasn't a lot of information out there on this particular issue, but I did find that others with different audio issues had results with replacing the amp (aka: audio control module). I wasn't about to take it back to the inept dealership, who couldn't even communicate the problem to the service technician. I wasn't about to spend near $600 for a new "audio control module" either. I did, however find a used one for a fraction of the cost, mind you, it was the original part number for the 2013, not the "new" part number Ford lists. It was so simple to change out, pull the trunk lining from the drivers side of the trunk back (a couple of plastic "nuts" may be holding it in place), four bolts (I just loosened the bottom 2, and pulled out the top 2 so the amp would sit into position, it has slots for the bolts, not holes), and disconnect 3 wire harnesses. Please note, the bolts are 9mm I believe (not fun when 90% of the hubby's tools are standard!). I used a ratchet with extension so I wouldn't have to pull the lining out more. I drove it around for a day, beautiful sound, no issues, and a 90 day warranty on the amp, with a savings of at least $600 for part and "service". I am miffed that the issue happened at all, but I am elated that my hunch paid off. I don't drive it much since I have to drive some pretty shady streets constantly for work, and my old car gets better gas mileage (the nature of the AWD beast I guess). But, I sure do appreciate it for cruising on the weekends! If this problem crops up again, I will update.

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