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Lincoln Forum: Adaptive LED headlamps 2017 MKX
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    Mar 2017

    Adaptive LED headlamps 2017 MKX

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    I have these headlamps as part of the Luxury Package
    Adaptive has been defined by the concierge service and the customer care advisors as movement of the headlamps in sync with the steering to assist nighttime driving on curved roads. This was the case with my the adaptive hid headlamps on my previous 2013 MKT and I found it to be a neat feature that worked great.
    However on my 2017 MKX I have purchased adaptive LED headlamps but there is no beam
    Movement at all.
    I cannot get an answer as to what is this feature and how should it work. My dealer says my car is built correctly but cannot tell me why I have no movement. The concierge service and the customer Care advisors are vague and uninformed on this matter.
    I have written to Dearborn and am awaiting an answer.
    Is there anyone out there who has Adaptive LED that work correctly ?

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    My car has the adaptive HID system that you are familiar with. I think your adaptive LED headlamps work the same way as on the 2017 Lincoln Continental with LED adaptive headlamps. Following is Lincoln's explanation of how both the HID and LED adaptive systems work:

    2017 Continental ADAPTIVE HEADLAMPS
    Dynamic adaptive HID headlamps, standard in the Lincoln Continental, swivel from side to side with the steering wheel. As you turn the steering wheel, the entire beam pattern sweeps across the road in the direction of the turn, helping to illuminate a wider stretch of road. The available adaptive full LED headlamps feature LED reflector elements that are activated and deactivated based on vehicle speed and steering wheel position. At speeds between 0 and 35 mph, the reflectors are slowly activated and deactivated to widen the low-beam pattern to help illuminate pedestrians or other objects that may be on the side of the road. When the steering wheel is moved left or right, the reflectors are slowly activated and deactivated to add more light to the beam pattern in the direction of the turn.

    My Owners Manual says that the Light switch must be in the Autolamps position for the adaptive headlamps to function. Not sure about the MKX but probably the same. Here is the link containing the info posted above: The similar MKX link does not go into detail like the Continental but does seem to describe the same feature: with this explanation:

    HID headlamps with LED accent light bars come standard on the Lincoln MKX. These bulbs last longer and use less energy than conventional halogen bulbs. The available adaptive full LED headlamps, shown here, help give the driver a broad outlook. Featuring LED technology with adaptive forward lighting, they illuminate in sync with the vehicle’s steering to cast light across a wide stretch of road.

    Good luck.

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    Mar 2017

    Adaptive led headlamps on 2017mkx

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    Thanks Town for your informative reply.
    My adaptive led headlamps do not change the beam direction in sync with steering.
    I was looking for something in writing from Ford on how they are supposed to work
    And you provided this interesting brochure on performance features that I have never seen.

    I will await my reply from Dearborn

    My car is not working the way it says.

    Norm Elliott


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