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Lincoln Forum: Rear brake problem
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    Rear brake problem

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    Sorry for the cross post, but I am stuck and need quick help from someone with more mechanical skills than I have apparently. I'm trying to change out the rear brake pads on my daughter's 2011 MKX...but cannot for the life of me figure out how to collapse the piston so I can get the new pads on...I have the caliper off but using pressure to push the piston in is not working. Do I turn in the piston perhaps? If so, in which direction to collapse it? Please help as I now cannot get the caliper back on, so really need the help before I start forcing things. LOL.

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    I am not familiar with your car, but it sounds like the rear brake pads are operated through a threaded piston for the parking brake and still can operate normally through the hydraulic system. You need a tool which looks like a cube with large openings. On each face there are two protrusions that fit into the openings in the piston face. You select the cube protrusions that fit your piston and turn clockwise to thread the piston into the caliper. With the pads fitted and the car back on its wheels adjust the rear brakes by operating the parking brake a few times until you have a good foot pedal feel.

    Good luck.

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    Someone found a good youtube video that showed using a tool similar to what you one to rent at O'Reilley's and job all done. Thanks.


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