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Lincoln Forum: 90-97 Town Car - rear interior light (in headliner)
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    90-97 Town Car - rear interior light (in headliner)

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone else had issues with the rear interior light in the headliner falling down? I noticed that the one in my 1991 Town Car was a sticking out a little on one corner. I went to push it back up in place and the entire thing fell out and now it will not stay in place... now it is just dangling down by the wires.

    No clips or anything seem to be broken, maybe there is a trick to get it to stay in place? My car only has around 30k miles and I do not think the back seat has ever even been set in, so not sure how this happened unless the heat over the years has weakened it somehow.


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    It looks like it is a very rare issue. I may try some gorilla glue this weekend and see if I can glue it against the headliner and hope it don't start pulling it down.


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    Gluing the light fitting to the headliner will ruin the headliner. Perhaps you can make the spring clips wider to better grip the backing material of the headliner. If not possible then making the opening smaller by bending cardboard in a sideways U shape and installing in the headliner where the light fitting clips would be. Another option would be to glue a backing piece with the right size opening to the headliner backing material.

    Good luck.


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