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Lincoln Forum: 2010 Town Car. Noise from power steering pump.
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    rickyp is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2010 Town Car
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    2010 Town Car. Noise from power steering pump.

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    Hi. I'm new here and found your site while hunting for answers. I'm hoping someone can help with my problem.
    I'm having a problem with my 2010 Town Car and I think the dealer is feeding me a line of blarney.
    Back in February, while still under warranty, my power steering pump passed away. The dealer replaced it with a
    FOMOCO remanufactured pump and within 4 months, the noise started again. They installed another reman pump,
    but the noise is still there. Today they tell me the noise is normal on their reman pumps, and I should just ignore it.
    Any advice out there? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Town's Avatar
    Town is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve 2.7 AWD; 2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (sold)
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    The Ford/Lincoln factory warranty covers the replacement of parts with new Ford/Lincoln parts and not re-manufactured parts. So what warranty did you have? If it is indeed a Ford/Lincoln warranty then you will have some recourse to have the pump replaced with a new Ford/Lincoln pump without charge. If your dealer will not do this then escalate to highest level in dealership and if still not resolved then contact Ford directly and explain the situation.

    If you did not have a Ford/Lincoln factory warranty then the contract you bought will detail the coverage and you need to read it carefully.

    In any case a re-manufactured pump should not make any noise. Sounds like your dealer is using inferior quality re-manufactured pumps.

    Good luck.

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    Slick Fan is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2003 TC Signature, 1977 TC, 2003 Aviator
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    Jan 2014
    I agree, a decent reman pump shouldn't make excess noise. I assume it's a whine you're talking about? If the P/S system isn't bled properly when the new pump is installed, that will cause a loud whine in the pump...but being a dealer repair, I would assume they know how to properly bleed a P/S system.

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    wimpy is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 11, LTC Executive L,09 LTC Signature L, 05 & 03 LTC Exec L, 99 120 Krystal Limo, 01 100 Krystal Limo
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    Ditto what Town says (always).

    Depending on the condition of your serpentine belt, you may find replacing it will eliminate the "bad" steering pump noise. Long-time cab company mechanic gave me this tip when I was complaining of steering pump whine, replaced the belt which eliminated the problem. Since it's possibly 7+ years old, probably wouldn't hurt to replace anyway.


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