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Lincoln Forum: engine rpm up and down during gas mode in my hybrid
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    engine rpm up and down during gas mode in my hybrid

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    I own 2 Lincolns. 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and 2014 Lincoln MKS. I don't know if anybody has this issue but I am having a engine surge on my 2015 MKZ Hybrid when
    it's in gas mode and engine surges about 500 rpm. This is second time I've took to the dealership and I hope they figure it out. What made me mad is that I've found out
    in 15 minutes by googling the problem then the dealership. I even took the mechanic on a test drive to show him that I am not imagining this problem. What made me really mad
    is that they called me very next day and said nothing is wrong since there is no "code" that says the vehicle is having a issue. Call me old timer(only 53)but what happened to mechanics trouble shooting problems??

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having this problem, perhaps the MKZ forum people will be able to help you. A moderator can move your thread there.

    Can you actually feel the 500 rpm change in the car speeding up and then slowing down or even a change in the engine sound? Or is this a faulty tach showing different rpm momentarily? The dealership will have a monitoring device that plugs into the OBD2 port to record features from the PCM etc. This could be set up to monitor engine rpm as seen by the PCM and record the pertinent data.

    Good luck.


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