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Lincoln Forum: Bumping/wobbling - 07 MKZ AWD
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    Unhappy Bumping/wobbling - 07 MKZ AWD

    So right off the bat a little history: I bought the car a few months ago with 120,000 miles. It's been in what looks like a front end collision (the fascia is all pushed in about a half an inch but it wasn't noticeable until after I bought it. It also wasn't on a carfax report). A couple of weeks ago it started feeling rough and "bumpy" on smooth roads. I was thinking it was something to do with the one wheel that looks somewhat damaged but then the transmission cooler lines started leaking hard and I realized it was just slowly draining fluid and getting rougher.
    Well those are all fixed up now and the car was smooth but still occasionally has his wobbly feeling. This morning it felt pretty significant so I stopped and checked the air pressure of the tires but everything was where it should be. It's mainly at slower speeds, around 30-50mph and I can't for the life of me think of what it could be. I did have the tires/wheels checked and was told it's all perfectly round, balanced and aligned. There's also occasionally still some odd shifting, like someone's not operating a clutch properly or gear slippage. And it confuses me because some days it's perfect, the ride is as smooth as can be.


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