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Lincoln Forum: 04 Town Car - Instrument cluster all the lights comes on flickering
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    04 Town Car - Instrument cluster all the lights comes on flickering

    I have this issue with a 04 Town Car - Instrument cluster, Everything works fine, except for all the yellow and red lights comes on and flicker at random. Then the only light is left on is the battery light.

    Just installed a new starter and a new battery. I change the starter because it was broken, nothing to do with this issue. A new battery due to age.

    Clean the terminals and cable do not seems rusted. The car runs when I remove the battery cable while the car is running, so it is not the alternator.

    Everything works fine on the cluster except all the flickering lights at random.

    Sometimes, it have no issues with the cluster.

    Searched all over the internet and have not found a solution to this problem. It seems to happen more when it rains.

    Will try to put up a video tomorrow.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading



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