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Lincoln Forum: Lincoln MKX door handle cap / bezel fell off and replacement.
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    Lincoln MKX door handle cap / bezel fell off and replacement.


    First post here. My wife was driving our 2011 MKX the other day and the door would not shut all the way. She finally managed to close the door but arriving at her destination she noticed the chrome door latch cap that covers the driver side keyhole was gone. Freaked her out because she thought someone tried to possibly break into the car but an Internet search found it happens when a couple of plastic prongs break. Poor design, I don't know.

    Anyway, we took the car to Lincoln and was told the part alone would be over $100. What? For a small plastic chrome piece? The DIY person in me said, "No, I think I can do this", Right? So, I looked up on the Internet the piece, I believe for chrome cap/bezel part # BA1Z78218A14A. It is still around $50. I am amazed... Anyway, my wife found the cap that fell out of our street and when I tried to fit the broken piece over the latch key hole, it did not align. So, I am wondering how the original piece fit or another possibility is my wife found another persons cap that fell out, LOL!

    So, anyone else have/had this problem and know how to fix? I could take it back to dealer but just got all brake pads, calipers, and rotors replaced after Lincoln mechanics consistently noted brakes are in good condition after in all my "The Works" oil change reports so really tapped out on car repair funds at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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