3.9L seized?

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Hi, I'm looking to buy an 01 LS the owner claims is seized as he bought it from someone else claiming all it needed was a starter which he replaced and it didn't do the trick. How can I quickly test whether its seized or not? Is there an easy place to get in there onto the crank and turn it over by hand? If so do I need to jack it up? How much stuff will I have to pull out of the way? What kind/size of wrench will I need to turn over the crank? What tools will I need to get access to it? This must not be too difficult because the videos I've seen about replacing the secondary tensioners all say to align the flat spots on the rings of the camshafts to be level with the top of the heads before removing the exhaust cam to replace it but they don't show exactly how one does that with this car.
I haven't seen the car yet but the ad and description make it look like a steal if its not seized up so I'd like to test it as quickly and easily as possible and if this checks out I think I'm going to buy it on the spot. I'm pretty decent at sorting out electrical problems.

Put a breaker bar on the crank pulley and turn clockwise. If it turns,should be okay. You CAN remove the spark plugs to make this easier and check compression if the starter will work.
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