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Lincoln Forum: Old Blue '92
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Thread: Old Blue '92

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    DrDragon Guest

    Trans shuffle?

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    Will the AOD tans in the MKVII interchange all years?

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    1LapLSC Guest

    Trans shuffle? known differences. Find a good one, didja ??

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    N8ive_racerx Guest

    Trans shuffle?

    yes but there were updates internally around 88 or so ????

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    90LSC_CT Guest

    Trans shuffle?

    Valve body updates in \'90.

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    SilverFox Guest

    Trans shuffle?

    You asked....

    AOD was produced from 1980-93

    1984-86 Cast drums, 7 tooth speedo output (somtimes), 3/4 STEEL (yuk) case bore accumulator, STEEL 2/3 case bore accumulator.

    1986-89 Cast drums, 7 tooth speedo output (somtimes), 3/4 Plastic (still yuk) case bore accumulator, Plastic 2/3 case bore accumulator.

    1990-92 Stamped steel forward drum (91-92 for sure), NO 3/4 accum (yeah), new VB (yeah), Plastic 2/3 case bore accumulator.

    1992 the AODE was introduced and ONLY put in 5.0/3.8 stang 94-95. Also in 4.6 92-94 in TC/Conti and were a POS!!! But had upgrades. Stamped steel dirrect/forward/rev drum and 2\" OD band.

    1994 4R70W introduced with No governor feed holes in the tailshaft.

    The M7/TC/COnti/Police/Truck AOD\'s are 1\" longer at the tailshaft than the STD length versions.
    AODE/4R70W is longer at the BELLhousing than the STD AOD and is the EXACT same length as the Long AOD...this makes it a SUPER easy upgrade for M7.

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    re-Markable LSC Guest

    Trans shuffle?

    So you can put a 4R70W bellhousing on a Mustang AOD and it will plug and play in a Mark 7?

    No wait... that\'s not right, build an AOD in a 4r70w case? WTF? I\'m confused. (what else is new).

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    SilverFox Guest

    Trans shuffle?

    You sure are.....
    Last interchangable bell on FORD was the C4 and T5......AOD/E/4R is integrated, no swaping allowed There is only ONE existing 4R70W that will bolt to the 5.0 and that is the 4.2L truck trans.

    You can put 4R guts into an AOD and gain a better acceleration due to the wide ration gearing of the planetary. This is becoming commonplace...but is funky to control with the hydrolic VB. IMHO a person should invest in an aftermarket VB like Lentech/PA if this done.

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    Feb 2004

    Trans shuffle?

    So the 4.2 truck AODE/4R70W *will* bolt up to the mVII 5.0,*and* is the proper length (longer) to fit??:chin:

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    SilverFox Guest

    Trans shuffle?

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    Yes...and all you need is the Baumann TCS controler to use it - $400! and a new yolk or AOD tailhousing, and possinly flexplate.


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