2022 MDX vs Lincoln Aviator


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With the current proliferation of self produced YouTube Journalists there are many reviews online that can be very informative and even entertaining. There also are far too many that do not do their homework and merely drive the vehicle around the block a couple of times while parroting marketing bullets, sometimes bizarre claims and even outright falsehoods. As long as we carefully identify the biases and shortcomings, even these can shed some kind of light. It does appear though that this particular reviewer showed up merely to click bait his YouTube channel and then exit.
Didn't you get the memo? Everyone's an expert, and everyone's opinion matters.

The preferable way to view these little self indulgences is with the sound off, that way you get to see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Unless you need a total stranger with lots of ego and too much time on their hands telling you what to think.