2020 Power Steering module went out


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I have a 2020 Navi Reserve that has 10,432 miles on her and on July 2nd while driving through a turn the power steering light came on and I lost all power steering. Had to have it towed back to the dealership because it was impossible to turn. The dealership has been over the top helpful, but Lincoln has been disappointing. The PS Module was on back order and it just came in last week, the steering has been fixed, however, now they can not get the warning light on the instrument cluster to reset. My service guy has tried contacting Lincoln engineers and they said that it would be another week before they find a reprogramming answer! This is my 3rd Navi and we have owned Lincolns for 25 years and I have to say this is the first time I have been out of my vehicle for this long. Any one else have have a similar situation or have a contact other then the concierge, who only wants to appease me. Thank you!!


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The Aviator that they gave me to drive was great. My Navigator is beautiful, but super disappointing.
How so, what are the differences that makes the nav disappointing in comparison?
Trying to deside if I want a Nataulis BLACK LABEL the Dealership has on order for me ??? Did no tlike the limit the MFG PLACED ON COLOR COMBINATION ???? More offered on RESAERVE