2020 Black Label Lincoln Aviator No Longer Safe

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It all started at the Chicago Assembly plant when they forget a clamp on a radiator hose which resulted in the hose coming in contact with a pulley and cutting it and antifreeze ended up on my garage floor. Lincoln Roadside sent a Tow Company and the car was put on a flatbed and the chains were attached under the front and rear of the car. Hooks were improperly placed on suspension arms
which cracked both arms and damaged the subframe.
I stopped by the dealership on Friday to see the progress of my Aviator and took some photos. When we arrived to speak to the service manager he was receiving parts from a hardware store to build an air compressor so they could remove the air suspension off the Aviator. The rear portion of the car has been completely dismantled and the parts as you can see in photos are laying on the floor. This is my concern and I know they are trained technicians but with so many crucial parts being removed and reassembled , this could leave great potential for future and ongoing problems. . One forgotten bolt, one misaligned deferential and drivetrain, air suspension improperly pressurized. I will never feel safe knowing the extensive and complicated work that was necessary to fix my Aviator due to no fault of my own. You must keep in mind that The dealership where I live is not a Black Label Dealer and has had little to no experience working on the Black Label 2020 Aviators. My New Aviator which is only a few months old and has very few actual miles driven by myself, no longer feels new and I will never feel safe. I have lost all confidence after seeing the car with parts laying everywhere. All of this as a result of a radiator hose being incorrectly installed at the factory. Lincoln Concierge says there is nothing they can do for me. Did Lincoln install the radiator hose at the assembly plant incorrectly YES. Did Lincoln send the Tow Company that caused severe damage to my Aviator YES. I’m now being told that this will be reported to CarFax as a safety issue because of subframe damage and the repair history will follow this car forever. I’m told it will end up at auction.
I need some Help. I don’t know where to turn. I’m 75 and very concerned about my safety and my wife’s safety. Car has been at the dealership now for almost 30 days. Only has 800 miles.


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Hi Roger. Sorry to hear about the problems with your new Aviator.

Well, this is a multi-layered inquiry, so here is my opinion:

First...Were you given the complementary loaner vehicle you are entitled to?

Next...If the repairs are performed properly there is no reason to worry. The suspension setup of a Black Label Aviator is no different than the suspension in a top end, non-Black Label Aviator. So the fact it is not being repaired at a Black Label Dealer is irrelevant. Out of curiosity though, why didn't you have it taken to the Black Label Dealer you purchased from?

Next...The "CarFax" repair history is also irrelevant, because the repairs were warranty work, not due to an accident, This is a simple warranty repair of broken or defective suspension pieces. What CarFax will show is the simple warranty service history. It will not affect resale value. You will have the repair invoices in the future to show it was simple warranty work. And do not let any Dealer you may trade-in to in the future tell you otherwise.

So as far as those points go, there is really nothing to worry about.

On a related note: With a well maintained vehicle, selling your used vehicle privately is almost always the best way to go, unless you like giving money away to a car dealer.

One recommendation would be to negotiate with Lincoln Concierge for a complementary LincolnProtect PremiumCare extended warranty for the maximum contract period and the approximate miles you would drive in that time period, (which I believe is 8 years). Then you will be covered for any problems for at least 8 years. That is something Lincoln Concierge can do for you.

However, I do understand your frustration with having these issues on a new vehicle. Therefore, if you decide you no longer have faith in your new Aviator, your final option would be to initiate a Lemon Law buyback. The procedure is outlined in the Warranty Guide you were given when you purchased your vehicle. While Lemon Law stipulations can vary from State to State, they usual consist of needing the same repair performed 3 or more times, 30 days out of service etc. In some States, it also requires going through a BBB mediation, which is binding on Ford but not the vehicle owner.

Bottom line is you will need to decide what you want to do. If it were me, I would work on Lincoln Concierge providing a 8 year/XXX,XXX mile Lincoln Protect Extended Warranty.

If you do not like that idea, you will need to find out the Lemon Law requirements for your State, see if your Aviator qualifies yet (it very well may), then initiate a buyback if that is what you want to do. It is rare that an automaker will voluntarily offer this on their own, so those steps need to be initiated by you.

Keep us updated and good luck.
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You need to relax. The truck will be fine when you get it back. Seriously. You are stressing about nothing.

This is why I only buy used vehicles and repair them myself. No dealership to hassle with, you can see it and drive it before you buy, and there will be no surprises. Plus, they are cheaper and just as good. Let the dealer fix it under warranty and then just drive it and enjoy it.


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You should see the bays at my son-in-laws Ford dealership (he's a certified tech), parts laying around everywhere. I'ts pretty common and nothing to worry about. They will fix your vehicle properly and you will get many years of driving enjoyment from it.

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So thought I should update everybody on the Aviator. Lincoln bought it back and we picked up the new one the end of September. Did we buy the new one? Oh He** No. Not going down that nightmare again. 2 year paid up front lease. Dealer came up with this idea “ Try It before you buy it “. Genius. So far so good, but if anything goes wrong we just turn it in when the lease is up. Our Hats Off to Hines Park Lincoln in Livonia Michigan. Top Notch Black Label Dealer.
In reference to why we didn’t take it back to the Black Label Dealer to fix it in the first place. That is simple, we bought in from Hines Park Lincoln a Black Label Dealer but we live 500 miles north of the dealership, car was not drivable.
Anyway, Happy Holidays and to a Better New Year.
And As Always Stay Safe