2020 Aviator engine idle roughness


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Toledo Oh
My 2020 aviator with 5000 miles on it has a roughness to the engine idle when the engine is warm, and especially when the outside temperature is above 80°. It’s been diagnosed extensively by several dealerships. One dealership began installing new spark plugs and ignition coil‘s on several cylinders, with no effect. The engine is currently being rebuilt with a new cylinder head at the suggestion of Ford engineers. Unfortunately with COVID-19, and holidays, and unforeseen need for special tools, the rebuild process has taken more than five weeks. I’m still waiting. Anybody else with rough engine idle?

Interestingly one dealer blew me off and told me that they tested another aviator on the lot, and it had the same rough idle. So they thought that was “normal“.

And ironically, the loaner MKZ I was given during the rebuild has the same 3.0 motor, but runs perfectly. It’s probably a bit different being front drive “crosswise motor“ rather than rear wheel drive with engine axis front to back.