2018 MKX Reserve with a Battery Issue!!!


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Hi Everyone,

New Lincoln owner here, although have been a Ford guy for the past 20 years.
I have a story to tell, and hoping for some thoughts, comments and answers.

Last week of March, took delivery of car for the wife who drives it daily to work approximately 5 miles.
3 1/2 weeks later, in the garage overnight, the battery goes dead. (712 MILES mind you!!!!) Had to have the "Lincoln Experience" of having my new $55K car towed in to the shop. Dealership charges the battery, blah blah blah about other stuff, and sends me on my way. OK, it was on the lot in another state for awhile, so I'll buy that for the time being.
8 days ago, same thing... (now 886 MILES!!!) Same "Experience", same loaner car.
They keep it for 8 days. Day one, tells me there are 7 computers running the car, and one is not shutting off completely. Next day, it's not the computers after all, there are 24 modules in there, and one is bad. Next day, not a module but the Battery Control Module is corrupt. Telling the battery it's not good, but it actually is. They kept it for 3 days and now say it has not lost any voltage in those 3 days.

I have driven the loaner I was given more miles than my new car.
Lemon law in WI is 30 days. They've had it a total of 13.

Anyone else had a bad BCM or battery problems?
They said they repaired the BCM, although I've heard from a reliable source, that those are not repairable, only replaced if found faulty.

Appreciate any info I can use when I pick up my car tomorrow.
Thanks in Advance!


While there could be many things going wrong, the one thing that stands out is your wife's driving habits. A modern car battery takes a lot of amperes to get it started. And driving only 5 miles to work doesn't allow the battery to fully recharge. Day-by-day the battery is losing more charge during starting than is being replaced during the driving cycle. This will be more prevalent during the colder months when a battery's capacity is diminished due the the colder temperatures. (Remember, in a modern car, it's not the voltage, it's the remaining CCA's remaining).


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Here's an update to my original posting. Got the MKX back on a Monday, and 5 days later, drove to MN to visit the grandkids. Came home Monday afternoon, (700+ miles roundtrip). Three days later, on Thursday morning, after a Wednesday night of shopping at several stores, the car had a dead battery in the morning. The dealership has had the car since. Now with 1833 miles on it, they haven't a clue. Continues to go into "deep sleep mode" as per my app, even at the dealership. Six more days and its off to Lemon Law Heaven! Even if they say it's fixed, how many of you guys would give that car back to the wife and even trust it 100%?


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Hi Bob
We also purchased new Lincoln 5/8/2018. We are having the same issues you have described We picked ours up from the dealer again last night and again was told everything test perfect. There obviously is a problem or we would not have a completely dead car sitting in our garage every 4-6 weeks. Would love to know if the problem with yours has been resolved. Also ours is a V-6 we just had a loaner MKX that was a 2.7 turbo just wondering what yours is. Thanks for your post was happy to know we weren't the only ones experiencing this our dealer so far has not been real forthcoming with information concerning this problem


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I have a 2016 MKX and have not had any problems.

Oct 4,2018
My car was hard starting and the Nav screen said it was shutting down things to conserve battery.
I started the car and drove it to the dealer.

Said battery was bad and replaced it and drove home and drove it on the 5th, 6th.
Oct 7 2018 I look at the new updated MyLincoln App and I have a msg from car saying battery is low. (Oct 7 1:15AM)
Battery was at 4 volts.
Called Lincoln Roadside and verified and jump started car.
Being Sunday I decided to keep the car and not have it towed to dealer and place on a trickle charge after driving it around about 30 minutes.
Battery showed 12 plus volts.

Oct 8 2018 Drove to Lincoln dealer and told him story above.

Oct 9 2018 5PM Service Provider called and said that couldn't find any issues over night and put battery on charger and to come pick it up at noon on Oct 10.

The only thing that has changed it I updated the SYNC3 to version 3.0 a few weeks earlier. Not sure which build and will turn off my wifi connection when I pickup car.

Could that be the drain while parked in my garage?

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