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2017 with Wind noise and door lock problems


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Our MKX has a lot of wind noise which Lincoln said is operating as designed! Now the door locks are not working intermittently. Changed the batteries in the fob and thought that took care of the problem but when I tried to open the driver's door from the inside it would not open. Tried locking/unlocking with fob and door panel but nothing worked. Kept trying and all of a sudden it opened. Any ideas on what is going on? We only have 7000 miles on the car.
Unless a window or sunroof is open, don't let them tell you wind noise is normal. Lincolns are very quiet. I'd been driving minivans so long I couldn't believe how quite our new Lincoln was and continues to be (7 years later).

Your car is under warrantee, any door lock problem is the dealer's problem!
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