2017 MKC 20" Wheels For Sale Reserve/Black Label Style GUC

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Sep 7, 2022
My Lincoln
These are from my 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve that I bought new In 2017. They are original, and have the date stamp on them as well.

20". They will fit a Ford as well.

Two of them have curb rash and the other two are pretty good condition.
One was repaired at the dealership. One does NOT have the valve stem.

No caps or lugnuts. No Tire Pressure Sensors.

These are priced at the dealership (new) for $800 each.
Local pickup preferred, Prosper Texas (Dallas suburb). If you want them shipped, it will cost about $175 depending on location.
Please feel free to ask questions. I am usually unavailable between 2pm-12am. Feel free to ask for email if interested. I can't upload the files.

Thanks! fs wheels small.jpg fs wheels small 4 tires.jpg fs wheels small repair.jpg
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