2016 MKX Front Storage compartment cover won't stay open

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Looking for some help. Can't see anything in the forum already posted on this matter.

My darling wife pushed the lid open on the storage compartment in the center console between the front seats and gently rolled it back and locked it into place fully open. Now, this is when you would again gently push it forward and that would disengage the locking mechanism and it would gently close on its own. However, my wife did not do this. Instead, she pulled it close, forcefully, to overcome the resistance. The car is new to her and she didn't understand how it works. Unfortunately, now when we push it open it will not lock in place and remain open. That makes it hard to use the storage or plug in your USB cord.

I have searched every search engine, YouTube, and replacement parts database known to the internet and cannot find any reference to this situation.

Does anybody know if this can be fixed by taking the center console apart? I can do this but don't want to do it unless it can be fixed. Or, is this truly broken and I need to go to a dealer? If it can be fixed I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thanks in advance.



My wife did the EXACT same thing in my car, also a 2016!! Luckily it was still covered under warranty when it happened. However, I did try and fix on my own to no avail. Also, my brother-in-law, who is much more handy than I, couldn't do anything with it either.

I just pulled out my dealer repair order and this is their description - "tested media bin lid and verify concern latch will not hook replace media bin OK". The warranty cost on this was $354.66 - so it is not cheap. Wish I had better information for you - good luck!!


Same thing happened here. Once it is broken it must be replaced. They are available as low as $130 online without ambient lighting or $261 with. I pulled the springs off so it will slowly open now, and placed a magnet cabinet door latch as a temporary fix to keep it closed. Easy $5 repair that looks the same just a little different function.


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Yep - same here 2016 MKX - car wash dude forced it shut - ugh - really need it to stay open on my usual long car rides. Thanks for the info I'll probably just find a dealer fix it... $$