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2016 MKX battery drain over night


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On Oct 4th my 2016 MKX with 15,000 miles had a bad battery. Started the car with a jump and charging was 13.6volts.
Took to dealer and they installed new battery under warranty.

Today Oct 7th I receive text msg from the car that my battery was low at 3AM in the morning.

Nothing is left on, I reset my sync3 to factory defaults on the 4th and it still has something on that drains the battery.
I have read that some modules do not turn off that may be causing this as others have had similar problems in both Ford and Lincolns.

I will be dropping off at the dealer in the morning in hopes they have heard about this problem for awhile as I read many messages dating back to 2015 about the battery drains down over night.

As an additional note I was getting a msg about my headlights not function correctly a few times about a month ago.
I have the headlights that turn with the wheel.

Any info would be helpful.
Picked up my MKX and the dealer says they have no idea why it happened and couldn't find anything wrong.
LOL they must think after almost 3 years I must be leaving something on myself.
They wanted me to monitor. LOL
When the battery is dead again I will call my Service Manager to come and pick me up and my car.
All they have to look around about this problem with the Ford and Lincolns
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