2015 MKS wheels and tires

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Ralph Brimeyer

New member
Ralph B writing. Regarding my previous thread regarding rough riding michelin tires on 20" wheels, I was able to find new (never used) 2014 Lincoln 18" MKX wheels. I also have new Goodyear Assurance Comfort Ride tires. Great improvement, may not look as good, but at the age of 84, comfort is more important to me. May not ride as good as a Town Car, but I sure do enjoy the cars many features.

Another issue has come to light; I now am finding my dual pane sunroof is leaking. After some research I find that my owner's manual indicates there are drain holes that should be cleaned every six months. No dealer, Ford or Lincoln has brought the issue to my attention. I have an appointment next week at a Ford Garage near me. The Lincoln dealer locally has a technician with a good amount of experience with this issue on vacation for three weeks. I trust the MKS sunroof is very similar to Taurus.