2013 Navigator Engine Splash Shields


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I have a 2013 Navigator L with the 5.3L Triton V8 and the last time it went into a dealership for a recall, the idiot technician ripped off the entire under side of the engine (splash shields, skid plates etc etc) and never put it back.....it was "misplaced". The service manager said he would replace everything however what their parts department ordered does not look like it fits correctly. I know the rear section was a metal skid plate that covered under the transmission to just in front of the engine but from the front of the engine to the large rubber mat or "air deflector" that is under the radiator (that the transmission lines pass through to go to the cooler) is not right. There is still a big gaping hole and they ordered this tiny plastic square piece and another rubber mat air deflector piece that is long and narrow with clips that twist off to allow access to the oil filter from the front of the motor. I do not see how it mounts or even covers the entire hole.

I wanted to see if anyone who has a 2007-2014 (possibly an even newer year with the facelift 2015) could take a few pictures of the underside of their engine/radiator to show me what these pieces look like and what the parts department is missing. If there are part numbers or engineering number that would be even more helpful. The parts diagram that are showing me has no detail whatsoever. I think a kindergartener could have come up with a more detailed drawing.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!