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2013 MKS Multicontour Massage Seats Menu on Screen


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Hello all,

I'll get right to it.
2015 Taurus SHO with massage seats - when you click the massage seats button a menu comes up on the main screen showing massage seat options (intensities, which lumbar level you're controlling... etc.)

2017 Taurus SHO - massage seats not an option

2013 MKS - when you click the massage seats button nothing comes up on screen. Searched everywhere to see if I can enable this to no avail. Tutorial video for using massage seats put out by Ford/Lincoln in 2013 does not show a menu anywhere. I'm thinking this on-screen menu was added in 2014 or 2015 MY cars. Can someone with a Ford or Lincoln equipped with multicontour seats chime in on if a menu comes up on the main screen for them after clicking the massage seats button?

I guess my next question would be if I can update my software to have this menu come up. Because using the MC seats function without it is quite unintuitive.

***Just realized I double-posted. I didn't think the first post went through. Reply to either I guess***


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West Virginia
The menu does come up on our 2015 when the button is pressed.
I’m not 100% positive, but it seems that at some point I also directly accessed the menu controls but it’s not really an option we use all that much so my memory is unreliable.