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2013 MKS Modification Thread


New member
Just wanted to introduce myself here. I bought a 2013 MKS EcoBoost back in early December and figured my journey with this car as it goes along may help others that search the web. Been a super fun car so far despite it's faults (Ahem, water pump...). I always like to play a bit more with my cars than some others so here are some pics and details of the path so far.

-Purchased car with just under 100k.
-Had water pump and timing chains/associated hardware replaced immediately
-Replaced both front sway bar links
-Replaced all 6 spark plugs
-Replaced air filter
-New tires
-Added EBC Yellow brake pads
-Removed plastic brake booster hose and replaced with rubber clamped hose
-Powder coated OEM wheels
-Painted grille and surrounding trim gloss black
-painted lower grille valance gloss black
-Opened headlights and custom painted housings black with a red accent
-Debadged trunk
-Added permanent mount Yakima roof racks



New member
Allentown, PA
Welcome. I like what you've done so far. I have a 2010 I bought this past October and I like it a lot. When the weather warms up, I'm planning to tint the windows. I'm also interested in adding a spoiler to the trunk which I like since it's very suttle.