2013 lincoln mks sunroof issues

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So, long story short...sunroof tilted on it's own, rainy night, would not close or move at all. The shade would move (only back half). Have had my car in the garage for a month all taken apart to access sunroof motors, waiting for parts. Here is the video on how to access the motors (big help!):
. There is also a second video with a bit more information:
. They talk about reinitializing procedure, but my car wouldn't do it no matter what I tried. I did need to change a motor, but had to have both of them hooked up to make even 1 of them move. The new motor did not need initializing, but the sunshade one (still working, but not right) took some work to get right. I had to make it close as far as it would go, drop motor, pull forward as far as I could, replace motor. Like I said, it would not initialize no matter how many times I tried the procedure, or how many times I disconnected the battery. I hope none of you have this issue as it is a super pain to fix, but it can be done. Parts availability is terrible as well, even my local dealership had to order the part, none on hand. At least they still make this one!