2013-2016 MKS DRL??


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Just picked up a 2014 MKS 3.7L and a blast of a car to drive. I was curious if anyone had any experience in enabling a Daytime Running Light (DRL) feature/function with the two amber turn signal lights up front so they stay on all-time during the day, function as a turn signal/ hazard when needed and switch to night mode and work along side the headlights/ parking lights?

Has anyone tried this, heard of this being done? Given they are LED's. less of a chance....lesser chance....they burn out.

Thanks for anyone's help, suggestions. No search results to this quest.


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I imagine it can easily be done using Forscan. The trick would be identifying the correct module and then the code to turn them on. I have used Forscan to change several things on my F350. I have the information to enable parking lights as DRLs on my truck, though I haven’t done it.
If you go to ford-trucks.com and search the F150 forums, you’ll find a ton of information. They have been very active in this area.