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2012 MKS awd struts & headlamps for friend of friend


New member
I'm new to the forum. A friend of a friend has an MKS. This person has been having serious financial problems & now her car needs repairs. I'm thinking about helping her out by doing the repairs for her. I work on my old Mazda, my sister's Honda, & my Dad's F-250, but I have no experience w/ Lincolns. It's going to take some effort just to see the car, so I wanted to ask & see if this was worth while doing before I made a long drive to look at the car.

1) Per her mechanic, she needs new struts & strut towers. Any car that needs new strut towers is going to the junk yard, so I'm guessing that this isn't correct. I googled & couldn't find any info about MKS strut towers rusting out, so I think this isn't common. Is it possible this is referring to the strut assembly? Do you guys replace the entire assembly when you need a new strut?

2) I have a strut spring compressor. Do I need anything else to replace MKS struts? Any special tools?

3) Per her mechanic, moisture is getting into her headlamp assembly & fogging the lenses. This won't pass safety inspection. I found new assemblies for ~$500 apiece, which she can't afford. My local U-pull-it has no MKSs. Is it possible to seal the assemblies? Clean the exterior & apply silicone glue to the joints?

4) She needs a new belt tension pulley. How hard is replacement?

5) Any recommendations on a manual? Go online & buy a factory manual on a disc?

Any advice from people who are experienced w/ working on these cars is appreciated.


Struts are just like any other FWD car. I doubt it needs strut towers, most likely the top strut mount/bearing. No special tools except old school two piece spring compressor and tool to press half shaft out of hub.

Headlights, yes, drill hole, dry out, silicone seal.

Belt tension pulley, just like any other FWD for the main belt. If it is a non ecoboost and has power steering pump, there is no tentioner for that belt, it's a stretchy belt.

Yes, facrory manual is the way to go, if you don't like reading computer screens while working on cars, eBay has used factory manuals for 2011, basically the same. I think ford did away with hard copies for 2011