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2012 Keyless Entry


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I wanted to make a Keyless Entry Code for me but it says first I have to enter the factory code
Where do i find this? Dealership (not a Lincoln Dealer) said they have no idea
The code is stored in the car's PCM and can be retrieved by your locall dealer (they usually charge because there's a time delay as a safety factor).

I don't know if it's in the same place as my 09, but they used to put the code on a label on the inside of the cabin fuse box (down by the floor in the driver's area). I've also read that in certain years they put it on also label on the PCM, but I can't verify that. One other possibility is to ask the dealer to look up the code on the Ford database and have them email it to you.

After I wrote the above, I remembered that this is an easier way to retrieve the code, just don't know if it applies to the 2012.
Put one key in the ignition and turn to RUN (not start). Then back off and remove. Immediately put your 2nd key in the ignition and turn it to RUN. The code will appear in your information display.
If you have the IA fob, put one in the slot information your consul and press the start button (do NOT put your foot on the brake). Then push off and put the 2nd IA in the slot and press the start button. The code will display in the information screen.
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