2011 Town Car Trunk lid assist does not operate


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I was moving some items and left the trunk of our 2011 Lincoln Town Car open for 4 hours. When i discovered it was left open I pushed it down to close it but no assist process works, and the locking would not even work. Prior to that the trunk closing process would occasionally "buckle"as the pull down motor would try and then miss the lid lock.

All fuses in the fuse locations were checked and looked fine.

I read some of the comments around the pull-down motor not working but the motor assist to close the trunk does not run. I read in one of the threads that someone stated that if the trunk lid assist motor was not working that the pull-down operation and locking would not work, that it was sequential. Would all of this be tied to a non-functioning trunk lid assist module that drives the closing/"deck" motor and then "fires" for the pull down motor to run?

One of the suggestions in a thread was to disconnect the battery and maybe things would reset. I did that and I heard a "whurring" of possibly the trunk lid assist motor running but it was not moving the trunk lid. It kept running without turning off for quite a while. I did not recall hearing this "whurring" sound prior to the battery reset. Still non-operational. Any ideas if the trunk lid assist module is the issue?

I took it to a mechanic shop that I have used for a number of years that does good general work (brakes, suspension, oil changes) but they couldn't determine what the issue was after tracing the electrical by a Ford trained mechanic of 3 years. Their solution was to buy both motors, modules, etc and something should work. I told them that I was not interested in spending $2,000 on parts and then labor to experiment if something will work. After i sent the shop the information I had gathered and the dealer info who would discount Ford OEM parts by 35%, they refused to return my phone calls.

I talked to 2 Ford Dealership Service departments and neither one of them had ever heard of this issue and just recommended to bring it in and they would run diagnostics.

I know there are a lot of great mechanical people on this site. What suggestions do you have?