2011 MKX heated seat issue

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I have a 2011 MKX and both front heated seats do not work. I have looked around, but most other posts are saying the light turns on for a second, then turns off. I do not know if it makes a difference in the problem, but the light on the heated seat button always stays on. the seats however do not get warm.

I do not know if the ventilated function works as I have only had the SUV a couple of months and it was too cold to turn them on.
Does this sound like the module has gone bad? My mechanic is on holiday until the middle of January, so it's up to me to fix this.


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I have that same issue in the driver seat of my 2009. Just bought it about 2 months ago also. The "Not Lincoln" dealership didn't seem to want to explore the problem. SMH. After doing a little self research, there may be an open circuit (think I said that right) in the module under the passenger side seat. There are videos of how to replace it. Doesn't look like the easiest fix, but possible if you have mechanical sense. I may try to fix mine next spring. Frustrating though since it's currently winter and the seat is cold in the morning. lol