2011 MKX Brake Booster Warranty and Hydraulic Control Unit Issues

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We had our brakes starting to fail and they replaced the booster pump under the extended warranty program in Dec 2020. And two months later the brakes started failing again. The failures were always intermittent and could never be repeated by either of the two dealers we took the MKX to, I asked the service writer if he would put his children in the car, and he said "No". And then, finally, the brakes went out altogether. Now they are saying it is the hydraulic control unit, at a cost of almost $2000 to repair. However, the part is not available anywhere and there is no "release date" for when it will be available. So I own a nice Lincoln garage ornament that we cannot drive and nobody at FOMOCO can tell me when I will be able to get it fixed.
So I thought I would ask the question here if any readers have answers to these questions.