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2011 Lincoln Town Car Executive L

I just picked up this 2011 Town Car Executive L, and I absolutely love it.

I get looks and comments everywhere I go. It is huge... but I dig a boat. It isn't in bad shape at all, but I am planning on fixing it up and keeping it for a long time. To me, it sort of feels like a collector car even though it is only 8 years old. Anyway, I have a few questions and I'm wondering if anyone has the answers:

First, does anyone have production figures for the "L" variant? I can find overall production numbers for the town car, but not for the L. I figure it must be a fairly low production model... especially in 2011, no?

Second, the floor mats are missing. Would the rear floor mats be different for the L model? I can't seem to find OEM replacements specifically for the L.

I'm sure I'll have other questions, but I stumbled across these forums and I figured this would be a good place to ask!



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I bet a very late L is low numbers, compared to other years. I've seen production figures somewhere, and they dwindled big time toward the end.

The rear mat on an L is different, I tried to put one in my shorty once and it wouldn't fit. Really nice mat, brought good money on ebay.
It was a big all the way across the hump thing.

That's a beautiful car, I don't envy you trying to keep it clean being black, but it sure is pretty.


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Portland, OR
The LTC ended production in 2011 with fewer than 9500 cars being produced. Of those, you can almost be certain less than 15% were the LWB version.
How many miles on that beauty and what was the price of admission.
I bought it from a limo fleet. It has about 365k on it, with an alleged engine and transmission rebuild at 200k. I had my mechanic go through it throughly, and it is solid, and has clearly been well maintained. I was most concerned about problems with the air suspension, but all is well.

It cost me $2900, which, in spite of the milage, feels like a total bargain. I spent less than expected, so I took some of the remaining money and installed a new stereo head unit/screen (I kept the original) and a backup cam, which is very helpful in a car of this size.


I would suggest for you to do as I did all this myself on my TC for piece of mind and maintenance unless U have proof it was done.
Change transmission fluid and filter, engine oil , power stearing fluid ,rear end fluid and antifreeze.
Replace all antifreeze hoses. Also the engine belt and Idles arm pully.
Can anyone else think of anything else?
What did U do when U first got you used TC?


Air filter! I found mine looking really clogged.
And fuel filter of course.

I replace air filter every 5-7 thousand miles, it is the cheapest horsepower gain to be found and is good for the mass-airflow sensor, and for the gas mileage and for the engine itself.

I have an electric vacuum bottle apparatus made from a 1950's aquarium air pump (with reversed cylinder offset and valve) and a pickle jar, this I made when I was about 15-16 years old. It's used for pulling fresh brake fluid through the reservoir out of the bleed nipple on each caliper. This keeps the brake calipers, master cylinders and ABS unit healthy and helps prevents fluid boiling (which can lead to total brake failure) so I do this every five years and on any used-vehicle purchase.

I recommend checking the charging voltage on any used-car (or motorcycle) purchase. My alternator cooked my battery within just a few hundred miles and left my headlight bulbs a little blacker and dimmer.