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2010 MKS Ecoboost oil in exhuast system draining fast


New member
my son took his MKS to the quick lube and when he departed and got back to his dorm, the exhaust was smoking like the "Uncle Buck" movie. I am not sure what they did wrong, or if it is just coincidence, but the entire pan had no oil in it. the Exhaust pipe was dripping and socked full of oil. I think it could be the turbos, or at least on of them. Does anyone know what would cause this engine to Spew oil into the exhaust system. Literally it will push all the oil from the pan into the Exhaust pipes. the car has 145k miles and was running perfect before going to the dealer. Note, they did put the wrong oil filter for a 3.5 FWD car instead of the AWD, not sure if it made too much pressure and no flow and burned up the turbos, or what? I had to put oil in it to start it to get it on the car hauler since he was 3 hours from home. engine seems fine but the oil is pouring out of the exhaust
Please help.