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2009 MKS Reliability


New member
I bought 2009 MKS for almost a year now. I am very satisfied so far....


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West Virginia
We had a 2009 for several years. It ran great and we really liked the car. It wasn’t perfect, though. We had a headlight burn out and it cost $300.00 to replace. The whole bumper has to come off and maintenance/repair actions are not well documented online so DIY is not easy. Another problem is the power door locks. When you unlock the doors the lock will bounce up and down rapidly and stop in the locked position. It can be quite aggravating.
My wife was driving home one evening and got hit by a pick up truck. She said she saw a flash of the truck coming from the side then suddenly couldn’t see out of the car because she was surrounded by air bags and curtains. She suffered a small seat belt bruise but nothing more. The car was totaled. She insisted on replacing it with another MKS.

Dave watson

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I'm considering buying a 2009 MKS with 122,000 miles on it. Is it a reliable car?

Thanks much.
I have one. I bought it from my Widowed Aunt 3 years ago. It has almost 140k miles on it now. Brakes were a little costly, but that’s been a “me” issue in every car I’ve ever owned. Other than that, no issues...