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2009 MKS locking issue.


New member
Howdy folks. We have a 2009 MKS AWD, 3.7 with about 91,000 miles. Since we purchased it with 67,000 miles, the locks have acted strangely. When pressing the unlock button twice, the driver's door will unlock every time, the passenger front door will unlock about 80% of the time, the passenger rear will unlock every time, and the driver's side rear door will unlock 0% of the time. The driver's rear will cycle twice and remain locked. It is possible to "catch" the door mid-cycle and open it.

Is there some obvious thing I might be missing before I take it to have someone look at it? I replaced the batteries in both fobs just as a precaution, and I've disconnected and reconnected the negative battery cable just for the fun of it. Any insights would be appreciated.


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West Virginia
This is a characteristic of the 2009 model and I don't believe there is a fix for it. Our 2009 didn't act exactly the same way, but the driver's door lock would "bounce" up and down a couple times and invariably end in the locked position. Used to drive me nuts.
I don't know what the cause is, and I vaguely remember reading a TSB addressing the problem, but I'm pretty sure it was never fixed. I know ours wasn't.