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2008 Lincoln MKZ wheel switch


Junior Member
Just got a 2008 Lincoln MKZ. (2008 AWD with nav for 4500....schwweeeet!) It has 5 stock rims including the full sized spare, but 1 is bent pretty badly and a couple of the others have some pretty nasty curb rash. I found some wheels on a 2004 Towncar at the junkyard for 80 dollars that are in much better condition. Both rims are 17 inch with the 5x4.5 bolt pattern. The only issue I can see is that the tire sizes on the wheels are a bit different. The tires that were on the Town Car wheels were 225/60 R17 while the new tires that are on my MKZ wheels are 215/55 R17. So my question is, can I take the tires off of the MKZ wheels, put them on the Town Car wheels, and then use them on my MKZ?