2007 Town Car air suspension over inflated

Bob C350

Junior Member
I searched and found plenty of threads about rear suspension sinking but mine is doing the opposite.

Here's my story,

2007 Town Car, new compressor assembly about 6 months ago. I live in Ohio but the car is from down south and pretty clean for 160,000 miles. As far as I know the rest of the rear suspension is original.

  • Drove 1.5 hours to airport Monday with no issues.
  • Car parked for 3 days
  • Came back to find the car riding high in the rear.
  • Drove 1.5 hours home and it felt like a log wagon. All bounce and hard suspension, I thought mine spine was going to compress. Worst drive ever.
  • No error message for air suspension
  • Got home and turned air suspension off via trunk switch, verified the suspension off message on dash.
  • Car parked for next 2 days and it has not lost an 1/8 of an inch. Still riding sky high in the rear.
I'm thinking it's the ride height sensor since there are no error codes or leaks. What do you guys think?