2007 MKX stereo upgrade?


New member
Hi All, I am new to the forum and am really happy I found it!
I have a 2007 MKX which has the "standard" am/fm/xm/cd/phone radio. the unit is acting up, can't connect phone, volume knob not working... so I want to replace it.
I am considering replacing it with the nav unit if possible. I haven't found anything definite on the forum or anywhere else so here is the question;

Can I replace the standard radio with the Lincoln-pioneer nav radio?
I know I need to add a GPS antenna, which I have.
The connectors look exactly the same (3 wire connections on each, only have 2 wire clusters but as I understand the 3rd is enhanced speakers)
I know I need a new bezel which I have as well.

Has anyone done this?

Any help is appreciated.