2006 Zephyr // Low Brake Fluid Warning Message and Light (Intermittent)



I'm looking for some guidance. I have a 2006 Zephyr with ~ 127 miles on it. Front & Rear brakes were done in March with rotors and pads all around and new calipers for the rear. Around 2 weeks ago the low brake fluid warning message and light came on after the car was parked on a very steep hill. The next morning all warnings were no longer there. I checked the brake fluid level when the warnings first appeared and it is up to Max.

This morning the warning message and light came on again and continued to go on and off intermittently through the day. I brought the vehicle to my mechanic, who did the brake work, to have the brake system checked. I was advised that the brake system is OK, there are no leaks and all pressures are to spec. I was told that the low brake fluid float switch is being triggered by someting to come on.

I have seen brake fluid level sensor connectors on many car part websites. Could it be a connector failure, or does the brake fluid reservoir (that contains the float switch) need to be replaced?

2006 LINCOLN ZEPHYR 3.0L V6 : Electrical-Connector : Brake Fluid Level Sensor Connector Price
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Today was the first day we have had that was over 90 degrees and somewhat humid. I bought the vehicle last November, thus I have not owned it during warm weather months. Could the humidity / heat be affecting the brake fluid sensor connector - switch?