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2006 towncar door handle problem


Junior Member
Ugh, what a pain in the rear.

Yeah that's about the size of it, find a housing that is intact (enough) with the right options, you can with some effort swap the actual pull handle from one of the cheap new aftermarket ones so all you really need is a good housing(see a lot of the gold-ish handles bubbled up or scratched badly on junkyard cars). And you just about have to cobble a way to re-attach the thing, they really weren't intended to come apart, lots of plastic welding to assemble them at the factory. I recommend carefully chosen size drill bits, wood screws, and two part plastic epoxy, using metal strips to reinforce as needed. The door panels on these cars are a horrid design.
Those handles pop up on ebay now and again, I've sold a few there when I run across a good one. Find your color code too, they changed slightly from year to year some of them.

Or, move the switch elsewhere and just use the non heated handle panel, which might actually be easier.

I posted a couple pics and some more complaining here. Both fronts still holding up okay.