2006 Lincoln zephyr multiple misfire and noise

Edward Kearney

Junior Member
Hi I'm New to forums I have 2006 Lincoln zephyr 3.0 . Yesterday I drive 200 miles to different appointments and noticed while driving a different sound in my engine. The sound is hard to explain kind of like a dull acceleration, like no power sound but car was running great no flaws besides normal transmission bull that it always does. I parked the car for an hour and started it up and the car shook terribly and was idling really rough. Almost to stall but never stalled. I drove car around block it had almost zero power and that sound was even louder . I noticed a knocking sound also coming from under the intake manifold ( 1,2,3 cyl) I hooked up code reader and it wasthrowing multiple misfire on cyl 456 also had weird code of theft detected engine disabled?? I changed spark plugs nothing like I expected, it's really going to blue my mind if all three coils went I highly highly diught it. The knock isnt consistent its sporadic more or less. That's really concerning me. Oil was low I added quart n half. Does anyone have any information to help me here I've tried searching nothing came up that's like my situation. I'm stumped that all three on bank 2 ( 4,5,6 cyl) just went.