2006 left blend door actuator help


Junior Member
I cant believe it. I'm stuck because of an electrical connector ! I cannot disconnect the top 2 connections on the back of the LCM (Light Control Monitor). The bottom 2 small ones flip right off with a flick of the flat tip screwdriver but I cannot see or feel how the top 2 larger ones come off. I even went to a "U Pull-it" place and messed with an "06 there so I wouldn't have to worry about breaking anything. Couldn't get that one off either. I did see one there that had the LCM missing and I could see that the male end of the plugs has no clips or catches to undo. It was flush. the female end of the connection can only be felt not seen and I don't feel any "releases"...Some beach !! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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