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2006 - Blower Motor Speed Control replacement


New member
Just a quick update to let you know the replacement of the BMSC isn't horrible. However space is definitely confined! I'm half way done.

The fan on the 2006 I just purchased was stuck on high speed. I got a non-Motorcraft blower motor controller locally (I know cheap one that may fail sooner rather than later). The antifreeze needed to be changed anyway so I drained it. I removed all the cowl including the wipers as it would greatly improve accessibility to the area plus the car had sat for a long time and it had a lot of leaves in it so it was a good opportunity to clean it out.

Luckily the heater hoses came off easily. The only big hurdle was pulling the windshield wipers off. Had to use a little puller as they were on there tight. Getting to the little screw that holds the BMSC to the firewall was tough but it wasn't in there tight. It's a sheet metal screw. I'm not sure how I'll put it back in. I had to stand on a spare tire to lean over far enough to see it.

I haven't opened it up to see if anything is burnt or obviously defective. I will do that once I get the new one in and working.

I removed 6W13-19E624-AA

I didn't try to access anything from the bottom of the vehicle so I'm curious if anyone who has done it may care to share their tips. Lots of good information on here so I just wanted to share a positive experience that the job can be done with a little patience. Although when I first looked at it I was thinking no way I can get my hand back there!



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The new unit is installed and working well. I checked it with a volt ohm meter and it measured about the same as the one I took off. However this modulates the fan speed the way it's supposed to. The only casualty was the lower fastener that attached the module to the firewall. I just didn't have enough room with my hands to get the lower bolt in. The upper bolt holds it well and it should never move unless someone tugs on the harness.

All is well. Next to tackle the reason why the A/C isn't cooling the way it should. I bought a gauge manifold set and it comes tomorrow so we'll start the diagnosis.