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2005 LTC P0350 code which cranks but won't start


New member
Hello All,

I am looking for some advise on a 05 LTC that cranks but won't start. It is a daily driver and was driving perfectly with no error codes. Parked it one day and it wouldn't start the next and the CEL with the code came up. If we hold the accelerator pedal down before starting the car (flood mode) we got it to start a couple of times but it was misfiring badly and would not idle. Here are the things we have done. Replaced crank position sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, coil packs, spark plugs, electronic IAC, and fuel filter. We have cycled the fuel inertia switch, and you hear the fuel pump prime and the throttle body sweep when putting the car in the run position. We replaced the plugs and coil packs because when we pulled the original plugs, they were wet with fuel and you can smell gas so we though we flooded the car originally. I am no mechanic but am okay with cars. Any suggestions on what to check from here would be greatly appreciated.